Field Education

Teton Science Schools
Field Education

Teton Science Schools’ field education team has integrated Nature Mapping into their programs for families, adults and visiting school groups. At the beginning of each season, all field instructors and AmeriCorps interns are trained in Nature Mapping protocols. Trained instructors then teach participants the basics of animal identification and observation, using maps and GPS. At the end of each field day, groups decide which observations to post on the campus ‘Nature Mapping’ observation board.

This board not only lists the four Nature Mapping essentials for each observation (who, what, when and how many), but also includes an area map to help visualize locations and reduce repetitive observations. At the end of each week, a Teton Science Schools’ staff member is responsible for compiling, vetting and inputting observations into the Nature Mapping website's data entry form.

By participating in Nature Mapping Jackson Hole, Teton Science Schools’ participants not only get to learn and practice mapping and observation skills, they have an opportunity to contribute to an active and locally important citizen science project. It is our hope that local participants will become Nature Mappers and continue to contribute their observations and visitors will be inspired to join citizen science projects in their home communities.

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