Getting Started

Deer at Jackson Hole, WY

To officially get started with Nature Mapping, you will need to attend a training session. Please check out the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation Events Calendar to see when the next training will be. At this initial training, you will receive login credentials. After being trained, you are ready to collect data and participate in specific Nature Mapping projects!

The links below will bring you to resource materials intended to refresh specifics from trainings or further your knowledge of specific skills needed by Nature Mappers.

Tools for the Field

Data Entry and Account Tips

Bird and Mammals Lists

Natural History Information

Certification Training Resources


Tools for the Field

Nature Mapping Paper Observation Form

This is a blank version of the Nature Mapping Observation form. For Project Backyard Observers, it may be helpful to print out a copy of this form to record your observations throughout the week. For others, it may be helpful to keep an observation form in your car or backpack to jot down observations and then enter them online at a later time (but not too much later!).

Data Entry and Account Tips

Online Data Entry and My Account Updates

This link will download a PDF guide to entering data on-line as well as updating your account information

Tips for Using Default Settings

A downloadable PDF containing tips on setting your default settings. This document works well with the Tips for Faster Data Entry document.

Tips for Faster Data Entry

A downloadable PDF containing tips for faster data entry. This document works well with the Tips for Using Default Settings document.

Bird and Mammals Lists

Complete Species List for Wyoming

Complete list of Wyoming Species including species codes and latin names.

Birds of Jackson Hole

A bird List for Jackson Hole compiled by Meg & Bert Raynes and available from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Wyoming Birds List

Complete list of Wyoming's birds species

Natural History Information

Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund Educational Resources Page

Nature Mapping affiliated biologists have gathered a collection of articles to help volunteers learn more about the area wildlife. This collection of articles is housed on the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund website.

Certification Training Resources

Nature Mapping Certification Training Presentation

A PDF version of the powerpoint shared at the Nature Mapping Certification Training.

Teton County MapServer for Computers
Teton County MapServer for Mobile Devices

Links to the Teton County MapServer system that has both a Computer and Mobile Device version. This is a great place to look up UTM coordinates. Remember that we use UTM Zone 12 NAD83 meters which on the Computer version is located in the lower right hand corner of the mapservers' webpage. For the Mobile Device version, UTMs are obtained by clicking in a location so that the information box pops-up. The UTMs of this location are located at the bottom of the information box.

Thank you for being an active Nature Mapper and helping to keep common wildlife common from the backyard to the backcountry.