Moose Day

Moose_Day_2016.pdfEight Annual Moose Day

2016 marked the eight annual Moose Day survey conducted in collaboration with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Volunteer assistance was provided by Nature Mapping Citizen Scientists, Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Thank you to all who were involved in this important project!


  • 99 individual moose were observed.
  • 61 individual search areas were covered by 73volunteers.
  • 73 people combined to volunteer a total of 259 hours between the hours of 7 AM to noon.
  • Sex and age identification are difficult in late February and early March due to antler drop in December and January. Thus, many observations are recorded as “unknown”.
  • Yearlings are not easily distinguished from calves and younger adults. As a result all “potential” yearlings were classified as unknowns.

Moose Observed by Sex and Age

Sex/ Age Adult Yearling Juvenile Unknown TOTAL
Female 44 0 4
Male 24 0 5
Unknown 6
0 20 4 99

Full Moose Day reports available below

Moose Day 2016 Photos

Photos taken by Kathy McCurdy


Moose Day Observations

99 total moose were observed during the seventh annual Moose Day, February 27th, 2016.


Below are printable (pdf) versions of the annual Moose Day Reports.

2009 Moose Day Report
2010 Moose Day Report
2011 Moose Day Report
2012 Moose Day Report
2014 Moose Day Report
2015 Moose Day Report
2016 Moose Day Report

Winter Moose Identification Primer

The Identification Primer (2012) that was developed to help volunteers identify moose age and sex after antler drop is available for download here