Snake River Float

Photo by Don Plumley

The Snake River Float Project is designed to gain a better idea of what species of mammals, birds, and amphibians use the section of river between Wilson Bridge and South Park. In this section, the river flows mostly through private land where wildlife professionals do not conduct a systematic census.
In two seasons, the Snake River Float project has provided a more complete picture of the species that use the river corridor between Wilson Bridge and South Park. We have also recorded the locations of nests of osprey, bald eagle, and great blue heron, along with ducks and shorebird nesting areas.
In its first two years the project has recorded nearly 3600 individual birds. Mammals observed range from least chipmunk to moose.


Floats take place on Sunday mornings in April – October and spend about 3 hours on the river.
To the extent possible, floats are scheduled for the same time (date and time) as they were in previous years. Observers need to be trained Nature Mapping volunteers with good bird identification skills and have a second team member to join them. Those interested in participating should contact JHWF Project Coordinator by email or phone (307 739 0968).


Float trips for this section of the river are offered courtesy of AJ DeRosa's Wooden Boat Tours. Special thanks to AJ and his boatmen! For information about Wooden Boat Tours see

Birding Skills Needed

Are you curious to know if your birding skills are "enough" for this project? Click here to download a species list from the 2010 and 2011 floats. Please use this list to challenge yourself and study any unfamiliar species.

Float Area Map

Yearly Summaries

Click on the link below for yearly float summaries

2010 Summary

2013 Summary
2014 Summary